Journey To Full Stack

Journal To Fullstack is a journal, wiki, TODO registry of my effort to become a fullstack JavaScript developer.


JavaScript basics

Data types, syntax, algorithms and data structures, asynchronous code execution with promises and async/await, functional programming, object oriented programming, JavaScript engines, execution and performance.

JavaScript architecture and patterns

Patterns for solving common problems and needs. For example, what are the typical/recommended ways of solving authentication, data persistence, server rendering, etc.


Theory of design, use of color and creating color palettes, typography, UI/UX design and refactoring, etc.

Frontend technologies

HTML elements and attributes, Web APIs, CSS layout and positioning, animations, typography, basics of authoring and using SVG in webpages, CSS-in-JS frameworks (Emotion and Styled Components), all there is to know about React.

Backend technologies

Node.js, web protocols (HTTP...), linked data and semantic web, REST APIs, GraphQL, database technologies, containers, hosting, UNIX.

Tools and development workflows

Version control with git, command line (git commands, fish shell, tmux, nnn...) code editors (VS Code, Emacs, Vim), browser developer tools, debugging, graphics and design tools (GIMP, Inkscape, Figma...), testing, deployment and continuous integration (Jest, CircleCI, Webpack and Parcel, Now, Neflify...)